As an old-time backpacker, the idea of having a private never occurred to me in the past. Now that  having kids( age 5 and 3) plus my in-laws tagging along our trip to Turkey, I kind of gave it a thought . Honestly, it was the rightest decision we ever made about this tour.

Our guide Selcuk came with the chauffeur Hasan in a van to pick us up at the Kusadasi harbour.  On the way to Ephesus Selcuk gave us some basic info on the locals such as the climate, the average income, the current politic situation..etc. It was very insightful. We were  provided with different kinds of fruit drinks on the ride. They also had wheelchairs ready just in case my in-laws might need them.

Our tour started from the House of Virgin Mary where my  in-laws, who happens to be Catholic, prayed and our kids tagged their wishes on wish walls. Of course, we each had a sip from the 3 taps which represent wealth, health and fertility.

Coming down from the hill, we reached Ephesus and from the entrance near Magnesium Gate we entered  Ephesus. Travelling with kids and the elderly is always challenging. Thanks to this private tour customized to our needs, we had a great and peaceful tour where Selcuk thoroughly introduced the long history to us with some amazing anecdotes. Our kids found the Latrine so amusing that they could not stop laughing while imitating how kids 2000 years ago used the potties.

Compared to the tour offered by the cruise ship in terms of price and the itinerary, this well-organized and yet totally flexible private tour was the best choice ever.

Many thanks to Ephesus Tours, especially to our gudie Selcuk and the driver Hasan. Hope to see you next time.

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The best way to visit Ephesus by Ephesus Tours, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings