After having travelled by ourselves for a week in Istanbul, Troy and Bursa, we arrived in Kusadasi by bus and checked in Hotel Onder. At dinner on the terrace, we overheard the guests next to our table talking about their private full day Ephesus tour enthusiastically. My wife asked them about it and they recommended us to book one from Ephesus Tours.  And we did!

To avoid the crowds, we set out our tour at 7:30 Am with our guide Filiz by a Mercedes minivan. The skills and the service of the driver, Hasan, were excellent. Our twins had a great time exploring the interior of the van even before we reached our first destination.

We first visited the House of Virgin Mary where we spent 1 hour: we filled our water bottles with water from 3 different taps which stand for wealth, health and fertility respectively, took lots of pictures, and twins had a great time tagging their wishes onto the wishing walls. Overlooking Ephesus and the surrounding from the top of the hill where the House of Virgin Mary, we felt that we knew why the place was chosen. It was just absolutely serene and beautiful.

We then visited Ephesus. Such an impressive ruin! Filiz was not only knowledgeable but also humorous. Plus, she was very patient with our twins who constantly asked questions about everything. Filiz said that Terrace Houses were worth a visit and she was right! Those mosaics on the floors were examples of the rich culture. Right at the beginning of our tour Filiz said the whole tour of Ephesus would be a mix of guided and free time, which proved was the best way of touring Ephesus for us because of our twins. Filiz also told us loads of anecdotes about Ephesus which was my favorite part of this tour because it somehow enabled me to relate the current time to the ancient history.

Lunch time came! We asked Filiz to show us some very local food and there we found us at Kural Doner where we ordered Beef Doner wrapped in lavash bread for me and wife and on the rice for twins. That was a very satisfactory meal. After lunch we were shown the town of Selcuk a bit. The church of St. John’s, Isa Bey Mosque and the ancient aqueducts. The whole atmosphere of the town was relaxing.

Our next two stops were a leather center where we enjoyed a great fashion show and a demonstration of carpet making. At first, we were a bit reluctant to look around these places but it turned out that this was an interesting experience where we not only had some entertainments but also learned something about leathers and carpets. We were so amazed by the hospitality of the people working there. Since we did need some carpets to decorate our newly-bought house, we got a couple of them with great bargain.

This was a tour exceeding our expectations and we highly recommend it to anyone with kids.

Thank you Ephesus Tours.

Patrick Shine

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