I sent emails asking for prices and options to create a private tour for our shore excursion. I was able to take a standard tour and customize it and it was less than half the price of the group tour shore excursion offered by our cruise. We met our private guide and driver as soon as we got off the ship. We first started with a drive out to the Virgin Mary’s House. Along the drive, we learned some interesting facts about the region and Turkey in general.

Then, we reached Mary’s house and toured the site very interesting. Then it was off to Ephesus where we had a leisurely and informative tour through the amazing ruins. Make sure to get the added tour of the terrace houses. This is the most well preserved ancient ruins ever discovered.

Then it was off to St John’s Basilica and the Temple of Artimis to finish the tour. The tour was incredible and a highlight of our trip.

I would highly recommend this private tour the price was very reasonable.

A Perfect Private Tour of Ephesus

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A Perfect Private Tour of Ephesus, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings