I have been to some Greek ruins in Greece and I have to say that the size and grandeur of Ephesus is simply incredible. The whole site is spectacular. Being there, I was so impressed by the magnificent structure of the Great Theater, the rich collection of the Celcus library, the prosperity shown by the commerce on Curetes Street and the Terrace Houses, and according to our guide’s illustration, most importantly the democracy demonstrated in the council meetings held in Bouleterion(Odeon).

The only thing that kind of tired me out was the heat! My advice to anyone who plans to visit Ephesus in the summer is to make sure you wear hat or use an umbrella and have a big bottle of water with you.

What a great tour we enjoyed !

Richard Stanly

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A fantastic private Ephesus tour, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating