Ever since our son married a second-generation Turkish girl a few years back, we had been interested in taking a trip to Turkey. However, Michael–my husband has been on wheel-chair for 10 years after a stroke so that travelling was something we were reluctant to do. Now that I was finally retired last year, husband and I decided we should give it a try.


With our daughter-in-law’s help and our own search online, we found this company which actually provides tours for the disabled. The whole Ephesus tour from Kusadasi was better and more than expected. For example, they provided us not only a wheelchair-accessible van but also an extra wheelchair for me just in case I might need it. And indeed, I needed it because of my weak knees! Our guide, Taylan, such a great person whose manners, knowledge and thoughtfulness made our trip much more memorable. Worth mentioning is that they, without our request, also assigned an assistant to us without charge. The assistant, Hasan, such a godsend, didn’t speak much English but that did not for a bit affect his gentle and tentative service to us.


Thanks to this company and the services they provided us, we had our dream trip come true!

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A dream trip for a disabled like us, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating